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Health Care Utilization /Health Care Interview

Health Care Utilization /Health Care Interview
1st Paper is on Health Care Utilization
Health care reform is part of an ongoing debate and recent substantial legislation. Address the following in your paper:
? In what ways have recent health care reform measures expanded or inhibited access to care?
? How might changes to access influence utilization?
? Explain the concept of what universal health care may be, and how current care reflects or contrasts with this.
? What has been your experience with health care expansion? Was it positive or negative? Explain.
Use at least one peer-reviewed or scholarly reference to support your information.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
2nd Paper is an actual health care interview.
Conduct an interview with an individual who works in a hospital department, an ambulatory facility, a long-term care facility, a health insurance company or managed care organization, an emergency management department, in health information systems, or in a home health or hospice.
Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper about your interview. Include the following:
? A description of the targeted department or facility
? Information about the type of work done in the department or facility
? Any interesting, informative, or specific information related to the chosen department that makes it unique
? The targeted interviewee and responsibilities
? Examples of interviewees:
o Licensed professional
o Human resources director
o Department manager
o Full-time management employee
The following is a list of sample questions you can ask in your interview, where you must identify yourself as a University of Phoenix student:
? What is your primary responsibility?
? Who are the department?s customers?
? What was your career path to this point?
? What are the educational requirements for the position?
? Did your education adequately prepare you for the various facets of your job?
? What educational preparation would you recommend?
? What are similar positions like in other organizations?
? What is the most important attribute for success in your position?
? How do you see this position adapting to changes in health care?
? Ask the interviewee how they interact with others in their environment.
? Discuss your interviewee?s role in the context of the broader health care industry.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
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