Thursday, August 1, 2013

Prada Company

1. To research the history of a retailer or company of your choosing and to write a report outlining the path the company or retailer has followed and the customer base they appeal to through their knowledge of the demographics and psychographics of their clientele.
2. To create a capsule collection or separates for Spring 2014 for that company or retailer..
3. To demonstrate your understanding of the information given to you during the course by your interpretation of it into designs for your capsule collection of Womenswear, Menswear, or Childrenswear or Home Furnishings.
4. To interpret color trends for the Spring 2014 season and to create a color palette based on your research for your company or retailer.
5. To interpret fabric trends for your particular market and put together a focused fabric collection to be used for your ideas.
6. To demonstrate your use of the forecasting information available to you both in the Adrian Marcuse Library and on line.
1. A typed report of at 6 pages in length, double spaced, citing sources in APA, outlining the history of the company or retailer you have chosen.
2. A PowerPoint presentation of your capsule collection or separates for Spring 2014 which must contain the following:
a. Inspirational boards targeting the demographics and psychographics of your customer.
b. A color palette containing colors for your core items as well as colors for two separate deliveries for Spring 2014.
c. A fabric collection. Please note this does not have to feature fabrics in your color palette but is for inspirational purposes only and will be indicative only of the fabrics you will use.
d. A collection featuring of at least 12 pieces per delivery and core items for both. If separates are designed, then at least 24 separate items.
e. Spec sheets for one item per category.
f. Cost sheets for one item per category.
g. A “time and action’” calendar.

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