Thursday, February 21, 2013

Seminar in Administration of Justice

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1.You are to assume the role of a senator or congressional representative in the state you reside in. As the governor prepares his or her annual budget, what areas would you like to see funded for crime control? List your top three areas. Fully describe each area, provide justifications for this funding, and support your positions and appropriate reference to the literature.
2. According to Worrall certain methods of crime control do have an effect on crime while others may not. Using the literature for support, describe the effectiveness of each of the following methods.
A- Directed Patrol for drugs and guns
B- Deferred sentencing for drug offenders
C- Chemical castration for sex offenders
D- Student behavior modification program
E- Big brother and big sister programs
3. According to Worrell certain crime control methods appear to be failures. Using the literature for support. Describe the following familiar method and why they failed. Then describe alternate methods that should be considered for each.
A- 311 Phone line
B- Random patrol
C- Hiring more detectives
D- Abolishing plea bargaining
E- DARE Program
4. Two common themes in Worrell’s Crime control in America are:
1. Beyond the justice system
2. Early intervention is the key too success
Please provide details of these themes and cite relevant examples of each.
5.What role does the community play in the Criminal Justice system? Fully describe the involvement of the community with the following:
A. Policing
B. Prosecution
C. Corrections
D. Rehabilitation and Treatment
E. Community Care Control
F. School Board Control

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